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text: Help a Friend’s Dog? — SusannaG – Confessions of a Crazy Cat Lady [REBLOG]

I don’t believe what vet’s bills can be these days. Sophie, the dog of friends of mine, had to have ACL surgery last week – and it cost over $4000. There’s a go fund me page for her here. She hasn’t had an easy life before this, either – they found her in… via text: Help […]

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Jeannie Come Lately Post: BookLikes Round Robin — Favorite Pre-1980s Movies

Pretty much everybody has seen it at this point I guess, but anyway, here is Book Cupidity’s idea: “Let’s list favorite old (or older) movies. The list can be long or short, with a narrative or no, anything goes. The parameters is that it has to have been made prior to 1980, I sort of […]

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