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Antonia Hodgson: The Devil in the Marshalsea

Well, if this doesn’t count for “Darkest London,” then I don’t know what will.  Our narrator is tossed into the Marshalsea prison for being in debt to the tune of several months’ salary — a bit more than £20.00, which would have been a year’s salary or more to the poorer classes, but our Tom […]

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Halloween Bingo 2017: Update 7 — Bingos No. 3 & 4!

Bingo No. 3: First column to the right. Bingo No. 4: Second row.   The “bingo” squares and books read: Bingo No. 3:       Bingo No. 4:   I’ll have a double bingo in the wings once “Amateur Sleuth” is called, and more immediate bingos for “Classic Horror” and “Country House Mystery.”  Complete […]

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