Featured Movies
  • The Name of the Rose
Featured Actors
  • Sean Connery **
  • John Gielgud **
  • Jeremy Irons **
  • Paul Newman **
  • Robert Redford **
  • Alan Rickman **


Click on the name of an actor or a movie to go directly to the actor page / movie review post in question.

Note: All actor pages currently feature biographical sketches – where applicable, incorporating text from the respective actors’ English language Wikipedia entries – as well as extensive filmographies, a listing of the major awards won by the respective actor, links to online author biographies, as well as links to other sites providing further information.

If an actor’s name is marked with a double asterik (**), I have reviewed in depth at least one of their major films, which in turn will then also be marked by a double asterisk in the “featured movies” list to the left.  Review posts are hyperlinked to the relevant movies’ names in the individual actor pages’ “Filmography” section, as well as in the “featured movies” list.   Further reviews will be added as time permits.

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