Laura Restrepo

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2019 Airing of Grievances: Least Favorite Books of the Year

24 Festive Tasks: Door 19 – Festivus, Task 1: The airing of grievances: Which are the five books you liked least this year – and why?   Overall, 2019 was a phantastic reading year for me with decidedly more highs than lows.  Of the latter, my worst reading experiences were, in no particular order: Laura […]

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Laura Restrepo: Hot Sur

Hard DNF @ p. 55 So your best friend left her home in Colombia after being raped at age 15, has (unsurprisingly) had few experiences with men since … and after having set her up with your husband’s weirdly-behaved younger brother, plied her with gin and let him drag her away — only to find […]

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