A Reader’s Bill of Rights & Top 10 Permissions of a Well-Read Life

A Reader’s Bill of Rights

Daniel Pennac (Wikipedia profile photo)

  1.   The Right to Not Read 
  2.   The Right to Skip Pages
  3.   The Right to Not Finish
  4.   The Right to Reread
  5.   The Right to Read Anything
  6.   The Right to Escapism
  7.   The Right to Read Anywhere
  8.   The Right to Browse
  9.   The Right to Read Out Loud
  10.   The Right to Not Defend Your Tastes

Daniel Pennac


The Top Ten Permissions of Your Well-Read Life

Steve Leveen (Wikipedia profile photo)

  1.   Permission to love, or not love, any book whatsoever.
  2.   Permission to read only books that I love.
  3.   Permission to give up on a book.
  4.   Permission to read more than one book at a time.
  5.   Permission to buy a book and never read it.
  6.   Permission to write in my books.
  7.   Permission to read with my ears as well as my eyes.
  8.   Permission to read a classic, for the first time, much later in life.
  9.   Permission to linger in a library even if I prefer to buy books.
  10.   Permission to spend as much on books as I do on other great passions of my life.

Steve Leveen