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To contact me, submit your name, email address and comments below.


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My profile pages on other websites:

Essentially my handle is the same (or very similar) on all sites except for Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and here on WordPress; just note that sometimes it’s hyphenated and sometimes it isn’t, depending on the respective site’s user name parameters.

The only other sites (besides WordPress) where I am active, however, are Librarything and Goodreads

Librarything chiefly houses my online library — but I do log into my account daily, so I can always be reached there (by PM or posting on my profile page).

Goodreads alas became a necessary expedient for social purposes when BookLikes de-facto collapsed (see below).  I pulled out of GR over the 2013 censorship snafu and have no intention to ever make it my main book site again; however, most of the BookLikes crowd (re-)migrated there, including a number of very good friends.  My activities on GR are limited to the few groups where my friends have congregated; however, I can also be reached there by PM.

Twitter is, for purposes of communication, a “just in case” backup account: I am not really active there (with the very rare exception of the odd book-related exchange).  If you have neither a Librarything nor a Goodreads account, though — nor feel comfortable reaching out through WordPress — I can be reached by PM on Twitter.

BookLikes used to be by far my favorite book site, but the owners have, alas, let it go to the dogs to an extent that makes it unusable.  I’m really only keeping my account there in the extremely unlikely event that it should be reborn, Phoenix-style, from the ashes of its current incarnation.

Libib is merely (an as yet incomplete) backup book catalogue.

Pinterest is my “everything but the kitchen sink” meme repository.

LinkedIn is a “just in case” account as far as blogging and reviewing is concerned – I’m chiefly using it for RL business purposes.

Facebook is a “just in case” place for contacting people I can’t reach in any other way — I don’t trust its privacy protection and stopped being active there years ago.

Litsy is one of several places where I signed up to try it out, but found it as little usable as Libib; so it’s another “just in case” place at this point where I’m keeping my account only because some of my friends have accounts there, too, so if all else fails I wouldn’t have to start from scratch.

Bloglovin’, finally, is my backup place for links to the blogs I’m following elsewhere — I do not actually interact with anybody there.