Day: February 27, 2019

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Peter Grainger: An Accidental Death – Reading Progress Update: 4 of 412 Minutes

Hah.  Serendipity!  I just finished a book from Ngaio Marsh’s Inspector Alleyn series … and guess what the name of the superior officer of this book’s protagonist (DS Smith) is?  Detective Superintendent Allen! Reading this for square no. 48 of Snakes and Ladders (“a book you acquired in February 2019).  So much for clearing Mt. […]

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Ngaio Marsh: Vintage Murder

  The Pleasures of Revisiting a Neglected Entry in a Favorite Series I spontaneously picked the audio version of this book yesterday as my book for “Snakes and Ladders” square no. 40, “characters involved in the entertainment industry”; realizing that I’d read it so long ago that I remembered little more than the (rather unusual) […]

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