Zürich in the summer … or, wait, actually it’s still April!

I spent the past 2 days in Zürich — attending a conference, but I went there early enough on Tuesday so as to be able to have some off time first, and with the current summertime temperatures, that decision (made weeks ago!) turned out to be golden.  I mean, can you possibly beat this?!

(My hotel was just outside the centre, in spitting distance of Lake Zurich … the perfect location for a walk along the lakeshore into the city centre.)


The centerpiece of this door isn’t a window — it’s a mirror!

Großmünster — Swiss reformator Huldrych (Ulrich) Zwingli’s church

Views from our conference hotel on Zürichberg (not far from FIFA’s headquarters)

… while this, alas, is how we spent the better part of those 2 days!


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