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Festive Tasks: Door 1, Task 1 – Of Chocolate, Cathedral Architecture, and Veerry Old Bones

  Festive Tasks Master Update Post HERE   Task 1: In Australia, it’s common to brag about having the “biggest ‘X’ in the Southern Hemisphere!” Biggest mall, biggest prawn (don’t ask), biggest pineapple, biggest earthworm. What does your country / city / region brag about having the best or the biggest of …? I’ve never […]

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Brontë Parsonage Museum Fund Raising Appeal

From Mike Finn — Please read!

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Christmas Book Gifts

24 Festive Tasks: Door 20 – Christmas, Task 3: Did your Christmas celebrations include books?  Share your book haul pictures with us!   Trust Gaby to raid my wishlist and add to my book collection come gift giving time!   Original post:

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A Mother’s Day Memory

24 Festive Tasks: Door 11 – Russian Mother’s Day, Task 2: Do you have a favorite Mothers’ Day memory that you are happy to share?  Photos welcome but optional. I usually give my mom a bouquet of flowers and take her out for lunch or dinner on Mother’s Day.  One occasion I remember particularly well […]

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