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Charles Dickens: A Christmas Carol

Festive Tasks Master Update Post HERE Festive Tasks, Door 16 — Charity: Read “A Christmas Carol,” or read a book in which poverty or hardship are significant plot elements.   This is one of my annual Christmas rereads; one of the books I’ll never get tired of — in addition to listening to the audiobook […]

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Charles Dickens’s “A Christmas Carol” (starring Patrick Stewart): A Favorite Christmas Movie — and Ignorance and Want

24 Festive Tasks: Door 20 – Christmas, Task 3: Watch a favorite Christmas movie. Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol was published 175 years ago today: I’ve marked the occasion by honoring one of my personal annual Christmas traditions and rewatching the 1999 screen adaptation starring Sir Patrick Stewart.  (Review HERE.)   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   Ignorance and […]

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Charles Dickens: A Christmas Carol – Ignorance and Want

Ignorance and Want (Daniel Booroff and Leanne Howard-Williams) in the 1999 TNT adaptation of A Christmas Carol, starring Patrick Stewart.  “Forgive me if I am not justified in what I ask,” said Scrooge, looking intently at the Spirit’s robe, “but I see something strange, and not belonging to yourself, protruding from your skirts. Is it […]

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Charles Dickens: A Christmas Carol (performed by Patrick Stewart)

A “Christmas Carol” for the 21st Century Part of my annual Christmas ritual – and since this year I’m indulging by way of Patrick Stewart’s splendid audio version and the TV adaptation it inspired, here’s my review of the latter … with the added note that my comments on Stewart’s performance in the movie also […]

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