24 Tasks – Door 15 – Task 1

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Festive Tasks: Door 15 – Correspondence, Tasks 1 – 3

Festive Tasks Master Update Post HERE Same approach as for Like for Doors 7 (Gifts), and 13 (Holiday Shopping): one page per task.   Task 1: Do you still send holiday cards? Do you go for amusing, inspirational, or make your own? I used to love sending holiday cards and spent a lot of time […]

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Ruth Rendell: A Judgement in Stone – Epitaph

24 Festive Tasks: Door 15 – Día de los Muertos, Task 1: Create an epitaph for the worst book you read in 2020.   Ruth Rendell, A Judgement in Stone:   From my “DNF” post: “”Illiterate” (read: dyslexic) working class home help kills her well-meaning but utterly clueless upper class employers.  The end.  (And because it’s […]

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Chicken Tikka Masala

24 Festive Tasks: Door 15 – International Human Rights Day, Task 1: Cook a dish from a culture other than your own or something involving apples (NYC = Big Apple) or oranges (for the Netherlands, seat of the International Court of Justice & International Criminal Court). Chicken Tikka Masala   Original post: ThemisAthena.booklikes.com/post/2016088/24-festive-tasks-door-15-international-human-rights-day-task-1

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My Book Wishlist

24 Festive Tasks: Door 15 – St. Nicholas’ Day / Sinterklaas, Task 1: Write a book wish list to St. Nick.   Ummm … St. Nick, are you sure you are up for this one? (http://themisathena.booklikes.com/shelf/wishlist?by=date&order=desc) Actually, dear St. Nicholas — if you’d just pick one of these (and I mean any one), I would […]

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