Excuse my excitement, but I love snow, and we don’t get to see much of it in winter where I live — rarely more than a day on average each winter. Well, it seems like this was this particular winter’s occasion: Last night, when I was already on the point of going to bed, I saw thick flakes falling in the light of the street lamps outside. A quick check confirmed that, unnoticed by me, it had to have started snowing quite a while ago, as already the trees and the sidewalk were covered by a layer several inches thick.  So instead of going to bed (and much to my cats’ consternation), I decided on an impromptu nighttime walk, camera in hand (if only in my neighborhood, given the hour).

“Ummm … mom?  What are you doing out there? 
And what’s so special about this white stuff anyway?”

I was glad I did go out last night, though, because this morning it had already begun to melt again, and even though it was topped up a bit during the day, by this evening it was all gone.  This is what was left this morning:

4 thoughts on “Snow!

    1. How did I know you‘d say something like that? 😀

      Seriously, though, it‘s not just about snow being rare where I live. I just love how it transforms everything — even the most mundane things look like something out of a story book when they‘re covered by tufts of freshly-fallen snow. Besides, snow to me recalls the glorious Alpine panoramas of the places where we used to go skiing as long as my feet still allowed me to enjoy doing that. Back then, I honestly wouldn‘t have minded moving to the mountains — knowing full well what driving in the snow (and other byproducts of living with several feet worth of snow blankets on pretty much everything outdoors) entails, but to most people who are living there, it‘s just a fact of life that they take as it comes and happily accept as a condition of living in one of the most beautiful parts of Europe; and I‘m still pretty sure I would have felt the same about it. These days, I‘m reduced to watching winter sports on TV and enjoying the Alpine winter scenery vicariously … so I make do with whatever little of the real stuff we get where I am living! 🙂

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