Plum Pudding, Bibliomancy, Goblins and Other Charms

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Festive Tasks, Door 21: Good Luck Charms and Traditions

Another multi-page post (as before, one page per task).

Task 1: If you decorate for the holidays, when do you start putting up the decorations? When do you take them down? Are there any superstitions that you are aware of that are associated with your decorating practices? Share them!

Frankly, I didn’t even know there could be such a thing as superstitions associated with decorating for the holidays, though thinking about the origin of it all, it’s not a far-fetched thought, I guess. Given that I basically set up my decorations whenever I have time early in December, though, and the one operative rule in selecting my decorations is “anything cat proof” (so my only relevant “practice” is to go with whatever opportunity opens up and not to pick anything I’d be sorry to lose to my cats’ juvenile exuberance), I don’t think there can possibly be any superstition associated with the way I’m doing it. Unless, of course, you consider it a superstition to be wary of this sort of scenario:

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