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If you are still active on BL and if you are in our backup GR group, please head over there and post in the new thread, titled “Please check in!”   I am trying to get a head count together and make sure that I have exchanged current contact information for anyone who wants to keep in touch.

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    1. This is actually a reblog of a post by Moonlight Reader. But, yeah, better safe than sorry. — Btw, I added your blog to a list of blogs to bookmark that I‘ve been sharing lately (off screen so far, though l‘m also thinking about posting it in the check-in thread on GR).

      1. Yeah, I saw that and went and commented over on MR’s booklikes site as a guest.
        I have to admit, I was SURE BL was going down within the year when I left in 16/17. But when I’ve checked in on various people the stress levels evinced make me glad I made the choice I did when I did.

        Thanks for including me in your list. Appreciate it.

        1. Lillelara just found two other domain registration sites that show the domain as extended (unlike itself, which still shows it as expired). Go figure…

          1. Do you have an objective definition of functional, so if it crosses a certain threshold you can say “I’m done” or is it more of a rolling target that you’ll know when you see it?

          2. Fair question, I suppose, and not one I can answer at the moment. Even if that sounds like “a rolling target that I’ll know when I see it” — but it’s not even that. For the moment, I think I’m going to take it one day at a time. Complete the backup I started to do when the scare started, wait and see whether speed improves (even a little) … etc. If there were an alternative site / format that the majority of the remaining BL community could agree on, I think we’d all move in a heartbeat. But it looks like that site has yet to be created, and unfortunately none of us have the financial means and the technical know-how to create it ourselves ,,, or, alternatively, to just buy BL outright and improve it (assuming it were for sale).

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