Holly: July 2000 — December 27, 2016


My baby’s kidneys had been ailing for the past year, and they finally failed her over Christmas.  She bravely fought a losing battle, and I will never forget her love of her humans which she conveyed to us until her very last breath.  We took her to the vet this afternoon — she is now resting in our building’s ample garden, very near the spot where we already buried Gypsy and Tiger.  I want to believe that they are reunited in a happy place.

Apologies for not having been around lately (nor will I likely be in the next couple of days).  I am crying as I type this, and as is so often the case, one major event follows on the heels of another — more on the other things going on in my life later, at a more convenient moment.

I hope everybody else had a Merry Christmas — and a Happy New Year to one and all, in case it should take me until next year to resurface here.

Lots of love to one and all!


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  1. I’m so sorry – there aren’t many things harder than losing a beloved pet. I’m still hurting after giving up my girl Daisy almost two years ago, and that wasn’t a death. *hugs*

    1. Thank you — and than you for the beautiful present! I will reciprocate soon … I confess I’ve been so preoccupied (not merely with Holly) I didn’t even spare a thought for Christmas all December long. Please also say hello for me to Bettie and Wanda if you should speak to them — I haven’t been in touch with either for a long time, either.

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