Festive Tasks: Door 12, Task 2 – Snow Covers

6 thoughts on “Festive Tasks: Door 12, Task 2 – Snow Covers

  1. What a selection you’ve collected here, Ulrike! Can’t say that, apart from the Tolkien, I’ve read any of these titles (one or two of the other authors like Simenon I have though).

    1. This is, essentially, my Christmas reading master list … or the books on it that have “snowy” covers, anyway. 🙂 Many of them are mysteries, so it makes sense you haven’t read them. — Tolkien’s “Letters from Father Christmas” are an absolute delight, though, aren’t they?

      1. Extraordinarily at some stage I seem to have discarded the hardback edition of the Tolkien I got when it was first published, a slip I now truly regret.

  2. This is a mood right here⛄️ I want them all sprawled out on the hearth by the fire with coffee or a White Russian while i decorate the tree with my parents and sisters🎄❄️

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