Discworld – Remaining 2019 Group Reads: NEXT ONE (SOURCERY) STARTS JUNE 1

For those who are planning to participate in the next Discworld group reads, these are, for the rest of this year:

  • Sourcery (Rincewind #3) — beginning June 1 (tomorrow)
  • Wyrd Sisters (Witches #2) — beginning August 1
  • Pyramids (Ancient Civilizations #1) – beginning October 1
       — Coinciding with Halloween Bingo.  Maybe we’ll find a way to work it in? —
  • Guards! Guards! (City Watch #1) — beginning December 1
       — Potentially coinciding with Festive Tasks (if hosted this year). — 

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Narrativium: Where the Falling Angel Meets the Rising Ape
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