BL-opoly: Memorial Day Extra Rolls

As per Moonlight Reader’s announcement, we get two Memorial Day Weekend “enhancement” rolls” — yey!

Today is a roll day for me, so that means I actually get three rolls, but since I already used the first (and as I thought, only) one of these shortly after midnight my time, I have two rolls left.

As per my earlier roll, I am currently on square 19, for which I am reading Margaret Atwood’s Hag-Seed.


Moving on …

… which gets me to the “How” Question Mark (square #26): Science fiction or a book with “How” in the title. 

Hmmm.  I’m going to have to think about that one.  In the interim, my intrepid little assistants are getting a bit of a breather and some refreshments … whenever they can tear themselves away from that book, that is.


My second Memorial Day enhancement roll

… takes me to the BookLikes Square (#31)!
So, I get to spin the wheel

… and it turns out I get to move on yet again:

— and as MR’s answer to my respective question says that I am allowed to do this, I am moving to the race car (pocketing $5 for passing “GO” on the way),

then pocketing that card and rolling one more time:

… which finally gets me to another Mountain Cabin square, #16:
A mystery or suspense book or one with all of the letters of C-A-B-I-N in the title.

And since mysteries and suspense novels are one of my favorite genres, the options for this one are plentiful, so my little assistants are getting yet another refreshment break while I make up my mind which book to read for this one.




The Memorial Day Weekend Moves


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