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Got home earlier tonight after a long day and three hours’ worth of sleep the night before, following on the heels of three equally long days (and similarly short nights); finally caught up with three days’ worth of BookLikes posts and am now dog-tired (again).

So I thought before logging off I’d just drop something here for the resident Beatles fans that I picked up the other day … (the Brits may have seen it, but if not, I hope the above link is going to work even if you’re not on LinkedIn — I originally intended to post the video clip itself, but that doesn’t seem to be working, either).  Enjoy!


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    1. Yeah, I found it on the Web, too, when looking up the background of that clip. And I think plenty of people must have said what you Said, or something similar… so did the guy whose tweet I included in my post, after all. The mere idea of having had a chance to be there …!

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