Agatha Christie: Towards Zero & Ordeal by Innocence

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1%: has “double feature” deals on a bunch of the Hugh Fraser / Agatha Christie audios at the moment, so for this buddy read I decided to use one of my credits for those (even though I already have the CD versions of both, but what the heck, it’s Christie and Captain Hastings)!

Just got through the prologue.  Let the inexorable path “Towards Zero” begin!

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I pretty much whizzed through all of Towards Zero yesterday while working on this weekend’s “deep-clean one” project (which is actually not so much a case of “clean one” but of catching up with things long overdue to be taken care of).  As it’s book-related, there may eventually be photos.

Anyway, back to Towards Zero … what can I say but that it’s been confirmed, yet again, as one of my favorite “non-Poirot” books by Christie?  Although technically, that isn’t quite correct, as Poirot is not only name-checked; he is name-checked because this is the kind of case in which he’d excel — one that very much relies on psychology.  Plus, it’s got tons of characters I like … and I love how even after we already seem to know the solution, Christie nevertheless still manages to “put one over” on us and twist the story’s tail.

I’ve now moved on to Ordeal by Innocence — where someone just referred to what we today call “helicoper parenting” as “smotherlove”.  Don’t know whether this was actually a word when the book was written, but it definitely should have been!

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