Day: March 28, 2020

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Free David Williams audiobook

Reblogged from: XOX   Source: David Williams free audio book for all who have to stay home.   Original post:

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My New TBR Cart, or the Big Home Decluttering Project

… Part 1. It started last weekend when I resolved to finally catch up with a few overdue tasks, which — go figure — suddenly also restored at least a semblance of order to my office.  (A colleague with whom I’m working very closely, and who is just about the only person permitted to get […]

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Oh, look! Matching Spines!

One of the results of this week’s Big Decluttering Project was that rearranging my Golden Age mystery shelves finally allowed me to put up my Margaret Millar omnibus volumes in the upright position and right next to each other.  And look what I found!  I love it when that happens …   Original post:

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