Day: November 9, 2016

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Images Speak Louder Than Words

… they do, they really do.  This one just feels so perfect — to me, right now, anyway, and not only in light of yesterday’s election results, either.     And no, it’s not my photo — though I dearly wish it were.  It’s a pro’s, and visitors of their blog are not only encouraged […]

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REBLOG: Light for our darkest hour…

Reblogged from my BookLikes friend Grimlock ♥ Vision It’s a wonderfully expressed sentiment; the most heartfelt, honest and uplifting one I’ve come across in the hours since the official election results were published.  So, thanks very much, Grim, for letting me share it here (in addition to reblogging on BookLikes).  If anything is going keep […]

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So, they carried the day.

Neanderthals for Trump: How our primitive brains are ruining American politics, April 19, 2016 Donald Trump’s appeal isn’t just ideological but biological. “Political Animals” author Rick Shenkman explains. From the interview: “… it was during that period [= the Stone Age] that we mainly evolved. And we evolved to address the problems of hunter-gatherers […]

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