Winter Roads


Winter Storm & Flood

Sooo, the better part of Germany — everything from our general area northward — was hit by a major winter storm over the weekend and has been looking like this ever since: (Image sources here, here, here and here) … as a result of which, trains, planes, and public transport aren’t operational, streets aren’t passable for […]

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Fun and Games Literature

The New “Pride and Prejudice” Edition, and Other Lockdown Book Haul Entries

24 Festive Tasks: Door 18 – Thanksgiving, Task 1: Be thankful for yourself and treat yourself to a new book – post a picture of it.  (This can be a library book.) Although being in temporary lockdown for the second time this year doesn’t exactly prove conducive to my reading (nor did most of this […]

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Be good to yourself, they said.

It’ll make you feel better, they said. So this morning, my BFF and I hit the road and drove through this sort of landscape — (note: these are NOT my own photos — I was driving, so I couldn’t take photos at the same time; these do depict places along the way and the sort […]

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