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Book Editions and Licensing: A Matter of Regional Profit Centers

24 Festive Tasks: Door 2 – Guy Fawkes Night, Task 1: Start a (publishing) revolution! What would you change / reform / get rid of in the book world? One thing that is increasingly getting on my nerves are regionally restricted licenses, particularly when it comes to audiobooks (and movie / DVD formats). Surely in […]

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Stay Inside Festival!

“The Books” should be featured larger of course, and personally I can do without video games — but other than that, seeing as it’s raining outside …   Original post:

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Holiday Splurge 2015

The way things have been shaping up in the recent couple of months, the holiday season ending today was most likely my last real reprieve from fairly major (not to say time-consuming and persistent) work-related unpleasantness for the foreseeable future.   This being the case, I naturally decided to make the most of it: I […]

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