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Filched From Facebook: The Hospital Stay Mega Edition

Having had not too many better things to do with my time while laid up in a hospital bed than surf social media recently, I’ve compiled a minor collection of memes … I’m not going to overload this feed by posting them one at a time, but here’s a selection of some of what came […]

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Cat and Book Lovers: This Bag Was Made for You …

www.usgearlaunch.com/products/cats-bookshelf-tote-bag?variant=50702521556   Just shared on my FB wall by a friend … isn’t it too cute?   Original post: ThemisAthena.booklikes.com/post/1605478/cat-and-book-lovers-this-bag-was-made-for-you

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Books With Numbers in the Title

Shout-out to URL Phantomhive for the idea! All of these are taken from my “Read” shelf.  Sometimes, the numbers are in the subtitle.  Books with several numbers (e.g., history books with a date range in their title) are entered for all numbers. Note: Updated as of March 2021.   Zero / None     Half […]

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