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Beryl Bainbridge: According to Queeney

Festive Tasks Master Update Post HERE   Festive Tasks, Door 7 — Gift Giving & Wrapping: Read a book with a cover that would make beautiful wrapping paper; or read a book that you would have enjoyed giving or receiving as a gift: This is less a fictional biography than a portrait of manners and […]

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Barbara Neely: Blanche on the Lam

24 Festive Tasks: Door 7 – International Human Rights Day, Book: Read a book featuring a strong female character (or characters), by an author from any minority group, a story about a minority overcoming their oppressors, or revolving around the rights of others either being defended or abused, a book set in New York City, […]

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Chris Ewan: The Good Thief’s Guide to Paris

24 Festive Tasks: Door 7 – International Day for Tolerance, Book: Read a book about tolerance, or outside your comfort zone, or set in Paris (seat of UNESCO).   What a timely recommendation by Tigus!  How can I possibly resist?   Original post: ThemisAthena.booklikes.com/post/1994148/24-festive-tasks-door-7-international-day-for-tolerance-book

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Joanne Fluke / Laura Levine / Leslie Meier: Candy Cane Murder

24 Festive Tasks: Door 7 – Mawlid, Book: If you can find a copy, read Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet.  Or read any book about a leader of a movement, nation, religion or large group, OR read a book with a green cover OR with a half moon on the cover. Well, let’s just say that none […]

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