When Charlie Tried to Rearrange My Office Shelves …

24 Festive Tasks: Door 13 – International Day for Tolerance, Task 1:

If you have kids or pets, tell us about something “bad” they did that was so funny you couldn’t help but forgive (“pardon”) them.  If you have neither kids nor pets, was there such an event in your own childhood – or with kids or pets in your family or circle of friends?)

Every so often, Charlie and Sunny have to do without me in their favorite parts of our home (my living room and bedroom) because I am spending long hours at my desk.  Often, this makes them come and check out what exactly is keeping me away:

One day, they discovered that there was a new spot with prime view of my desk top where I had removed a couple of binders that I was working with, and which therefore made for an excellent observation post (or, um, daytime bed …) …

… until I replaced the binders belonging in that spot.  Charlie, who very much wants the world to work exactly as he wants it to work (and not under any circumstances otherwise) was decidedly not amused: He promptly removed the first layer of micro binders in the shelf below, so as to have a ledge to stand on, and then set about restoring the status quo ante:

I don’t know how well you can see this, but in the left photo he actually has his paw inside the binder, reaching in from below — exactly as you or I might grab it and pull it out.

He eventually capitulated (with a monstrous grudge), realizing — or so I hope — that if the binder had hit his head that might actually have hurt, and he never attempted the same thing again thereafter; but this incident (which occurred about a half year after I’d adopted the boys) was an early indication to just what lengths Charlie will go to arrange the world according to his liking and needs … and I’ve witnessed numerous similar instances since then!

At this point, Charlie and I have come to the understanding that if he “needs” something to happen and it is within my power to make it so, it will happen upon his request … but if it’s not convenient or within my power (at all or at the time), not only won’t it happen with my assistance, but it’s also not really a good idea for him to try and arrange things all by himself …


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