The Gifts of the Magi, Modernized

24 Festive Tasks: Door 21 – Christmas, Task 2:

Modernize the three gifts given to Baby Jesus by the Magi.  Instead of myrrh, frankincense, and gold – what would the Magi give as baby shower gifts in 2020-21?

Well, if the Magi were counseled by a mother, they just might go the sensible / practical route and opt for snuggle blankets, onesies, and a proper bed (I mean, “wrapped in swaddling clothes” and “lying in a manger” doesn’t exactly sound like childcare, 21st century standard, after all).


If they were left on their own, they just might opt for something aspirational but slightly out of line, such as Quantum Physics for Babies (yes, there really is such a book), or a tortilla hat and blanket set with matching taco booties.

And if they’ve been through the joy of parenting themselves, they just might opt for any of these books!


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