The Big Five US Trade Book Publishers

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    1. If you follow the “The Big Five US Trade Book Publishers” link you’ll get to a larger version of the image — basically it’s just a spread showing how the various imprints feed into / are connected with the Big Five. Nothing beyond that, but I find it a helpful overview.

      1. I think that may depend on how it’s done. Lone self publishing definitely isn’t, but maybe a form of e-publishing that involved a genuine partnership between writer and publisher could work? As in, the publisher supports an e-book, and undertakes to produce a hard copy if the e-book does OK?

        1. I think there are publishers who are doing it that way, yes — also, you can have both an ebook and a paperback version of your book with many independent platforms such as Lulu and CreateSpace — but there’s still no editorial control, which is what’s sorely lacking with the vast majority of self-published material.

          Mind you, there are self-published authors who are (1) meticulous and ruthless editors of their own work and (2) whose books are absolutely on a level, and in many instances even superior to traditionally-published books; and I’ll read anything by these authors with the greatest of pleasure.

          But not every great author is also great at marketing … and alas, the same is true in reverse, too; and all too many people just hit the “upload” button either way too early or probably should never have hit it at all. (I shudder to think how Dorothy Parker would comment on their works if she were around today.)

          1. Well said. I suspect that the authors who are their own most ruthless editors are also the ones who find marketing (in their eyes, “self-promotion”) most difficult. That’s where the relationship between publisher and author needs to happen.

          2. Yes. Interestingly, those who learn to successfully self-promote *and* also mercilessly and judiciously self-edit are the ones who seem the most likely candidates to clinch a traditional publishing contract eventually, too. Though of those who *are* good writers, they’re probably less in need of editorial and marketing assistance than others! Ah, the joys of the marketplace.

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