Teriyaki Chicken

24 Festive Tasks: Door 2 – Japanese Culture Day, Task 4:

If you like Japanese food, treat yourself to a favorite dish.

I’m not a major fan of sushi (because I’m not much of a fish eater generally), but I’m easily persuaded to have a bowl of teriyaki chicken:

In the interest of full disclosure, while this is freshly made, it isn’t also homemade — I was out all day yesterday and only returned home after store closing time, and today I was mostly busy catching up with what didn’t get done yesterday … so spending a lot of time in the kitchen wasn’t much of an option.  But most of my area’s supermarkets offer a very nice line of freshly made Asian food (different kinds), and I confess I’ve come to rely on them quite a bit of late.  So there we are!


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