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John Steinbeck: The Moon Is Down

My final venture into John Steinbeck’s oeuvre in the context of the (Dead) Authors in Residence challenge, and once more I found confirmation of everything that made me a fan of Steinbeck’s all the way back in my teens: vision and prescience of judgment, exquisitely fine characterization and, perhaps most of all, infinitely great humanity. […]

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Never Again

Munich today — an art installation entitled “Never Again”, centering on 3,000 poppies. I don’t have any photos of our family members who perished in WWI.  So representative of all of those lives lost to the devastating wars of the 20th century, I’m going to share the last photo we have of my mother’s eldest […]

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Books With Numbers in the Title

Shout-out to URL Phantomhive for the idea! All of these are taken from my “Read” shelf.  Sometimes, the numbers are in the subtitle.  Books with several numbers (e.g., history books with a date range in their title) are entered for all numbers. Note: Updated as of March 2021.   Zero / None     Half […]

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