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Work Overload


Posts Wave Alert

I’ve been so infernally busy throughout December (again) that I didn’t even have time to copy over my posts from “the other place” in the final weeks of the year.  I’ll be remedying that as from now, so you may be seeing notifications for a whole bunch of posts in a comparatively short space of […]

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No, I didn’t fall off the planet 3 months ago …

… though I know I’ve given every appearance of having done just that. Let’s just say that it’s been … interesting. Both August and October were insanely busy in RL, chiefly due to a new case concerning a client literally being robbed blind by their former managing director (even after he had been fired once […]

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Staying Zen in Stressful Times

24 Festive Tasks: Door 12 – World Philosophy Day, Task 2: How do you stay zen / sane over the holidays or in other stressful periods?  And / Or: How did you manage to stay (more or less) zen throughout 2020 … if you did? This, too (like my favorite rainy day reads can easily […]

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2020: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

We’re still a month away from the end of the year, but my reading will probably consist mainly of Christmas books in December, and I hope and pray that life won’t come up and throw anything else at me in the final month of the year, either.  So I might as well post my “Year […]

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Those old cheating dissembling tricks …

“To the office, where all the morning sitting and did discover three or four fresh instances of Sir W. Pen’s old cheating dissembling tricks, he being as false a fellow as ever was born.” — Samuel Pepys (@samuelpepys) March 8, 2019 https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js   This (originally from Pepys’s diary of March 8, 1666) was the first […]

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House Cleaning

… well, figuratively speaking. RL has been both busy and more than just mildly annoying lately, as a result of which I’m behind on everything from updates to reviews to just plain responding to people (sorry!); not to mention that I also still haven’t had time to select and acquire stickers for my super-pretty physical […]

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Ummm …

… well, yeah. Something of the sort, I guess. So anyway, I’d decided to set out on my own in business at the beginning of this year and things were moving along nicely and as planned (lots to do, but nothing truly unforeseen), when precisely in the matter that is allowing me to finally do […]

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… or for the non-American TV-challenged: Fuckedyfuckedy … (you get the picture).   So it didn’t just turn out one more week, but 2 1/2 f*ucking solid weeks of me and a select few equally fortunate people being chained to conference room chairs and computers, with straight 15-18 hour work days practically the whole time […]

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