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Holiday Spirituality

Festive Tasks Master Update Post HERE Task 1: Are there any places or events that are particularly spiritually meaningful to you this time of year? Share a picture or description with us. There are, and it’s put a damper on my Christmas not to be able to go there this and last year. Neither my […]

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Martha Grimes: Jerusalem Inn

Festive Tasks Master Update Post HERE Festive Tasks, Door 13 — Holiday Shopping: Read a book about someone who works retail, or that has a retail establishment on the cover (shop, café etc).   Of all the early Richard Jury books by Martha Grimes, this is probably my favorite — not only because it’s got, […]

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Festive Tasks: Door 13 – Holiday Shopping

Festive Tasks Master Update Post HERE Like for Door 7 (Gifts), I’m going to divide this post into several pages; one per task.   Task 1: What was the best or worst holiday “bargain” you ever indulged in? Did you get a post-holiday steal on something you’ve had your heart set on or really needed? […]

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