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24 Tasks – Door 21 – Task 1 – Lioness at Large

24 Tasks – Door 21 – Task 1

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Plum Pudding, Bibliomancy, Goblins and Other Charms

Festive Tasks Master Update Post HERE Festive Tasks, Door 21: Good Luck Charms and Traditions Another multi-page post (as before, one page per task). Task 1: If you decorate for the holidays, when do you start putting up the decorations? When do you take them down? Are there any superstitions that you are aware of […]

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Treasured Christmas Decorations

24 Festive Tasks: Door 21 – Christmas, Task 1: Post a picture of a holiday decoration that is unique to your Christmas celebration and tell us about it. My mom and I have two sets of Christmas decorations with a special meaning: My set of Mexican and Native American (-styled) decorations, which I brought from […]

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Favorite Book Heroes and Their Nemeses

24 Festive Tasks: Door 21 – Kwanzaa, Task 1: “Africa” was originally the name of the Roman province originating from the North African empire of Carthage, which was mythologically founded by Queen Dido and blossomed into Ancient Rome’s only lasting opponent and nemesis (until it was finally conquered by Rome in the Punic Wars). So: […]

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