24 Tasks – Door 18 – Task 3

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Holiday Spirituality

Festive Tasks Master Update Post HERE Task 1: Are there any places or events that are particularly spiritually meaningful to you this time of year? Share a picture or description with us. There are, and it’s put a damper on my Christmas not to be able to go there this and last year. Neither my […]

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A Book Cover Herd of Reindeer

24 Festive Tasks: Door 18 – Winter Solstice / Yuletide, Task 3: Round up a herd of reindeer on book covers and in book illustrations.   … well — and a bunch of boars.  Can’t let this one go without a bow to Sir Terry, after all!   Original post: ThemisAthena.booklikes.com/post/1820163/24-festive-tasks-door-18-winter-solstice-yuletide-task-3-book-cover-herd-of-reindeer

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