Susan Howatch: The Waiting Sands

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Not the edition I’m reading, but by far the most atmospheric cover of all the editions on BL.

I don’t like either of the men — if I’m not supposed to, job well done, Ms. Howatch.  If I am supposed to like one or all of them (or even find them intriguing) … I guess it’s a good thing we’ve moved on since the 1970s.  That said, as a teenager I’d probably have fallen for Daniel.

Kyle of Lochalsh
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Got some photos of my own, too — will have to look for them later.

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And I’m pretty sure Roshven is inspired by Eilean Donan Castle … which, after all, also figures in everything from James Bond to the Highlander movie (and which in reality isn’t half as ancient as it is conveniently made to look).

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Well, that was unexpected.  (Not.)    

Two of the main characters have just died … and all I can think is, cool, we finally should be able to wrap things up now.   Seriously, this book has not aged well.

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