Staying Zen in Stressful Times

24 Festive Tasks: Door 12 – World Philosophy Day, Task 2:

How do you stay zen / sane over the holidays or in other stressful periods?  And / Or: How did you manage to stay (more or less) zen throughout 2020 … if you did?

This, too (like my favorite rainy day reads can easily be determined from my list of books read this year: The minute I am able to drop whatever is keeping me busy or otherwise unpleasantly occupied, I lock out the world, have a mug of tea (or chocolate — but more likely tea), some sort of chocolates, truffles, candies, or other goodies, and settle down with a good book (most likely, some favorite comfort reading / rainy day read … and if it’s not an audiobook, also some favorite, soothing music.

And of course, nothing can possibly go really wrong as long as my cats are with me!



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