Sleigh Rides

24 Festive Tasks: Door 16 – St. Lucia’s Day, Task 2:

Compile a list of five or more carols, poems, short stories, novels or other pieces of writing that feature sleigh rides.


On the minus-twentieth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me …
Two Christmas carols, one orchestral dance, one fairy tale, and two novels:

Two Christmas Carols:
Jingle Bells
Sleigh Ride

One Orchestral Dance:
W.A. Mozart: Three German Dances Dance No. 3 (“Sleigh Ride“)

One Fairy Tale:
Hans-Christian Andersen:
The Snow Queen
(The snow queen’s preferred mode of travel … and abduction.)

Two Novels:
Leo Tolstoy:
War and Peace
(Rostov and Sonya’s Christmas Eve troika ride.)
Terry Pratchett: Hogfather
(DEATH and Albert doing their Santa stunt.  Umm, I mean Hogfather stunt.)


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