PSA: Upcoming Group Reads in November and December

Beginning November 1 (today):

Steve Brusatte, The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs — Flat Book Society November group read.

This one also covers the “book” task requirements of the New Year’s Eve square in the 24 Festive Tasks game (beginning and ending of a species, and if the comet gets any page space, also something that went “BOOM!”).

It just might also cover the “book” task for another 24 Festive Tasks square — more about this once that particular door is opened.

Beginning November 15:

Group read for the 24 Festive Tasks game.

We know a number of people are already planning to (re)read Terry Pratchett’s Hogfather, which will of course cover the “book” task of the Hogswatch square.

We’d like to keep things open at this point, though, so if you have a different suggestion for the group read, please post it in the corresponding thread in the Bingo group:

The group read book will be announced on Nov. 8 at the latest.

Beginning December 1:

Terry Pratchett, The Light Fantastic — second Discworld group read.

This, too, will obviously cover the “book” task for the Hogswatch square in the 24 Festive Tasks game — as well as for (at least) one other, yet to be revealed square.




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