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The (Mostly) Dead Writers Society Reading Projects: Birthday Challenge & Authors in Residence

(Dead) Author Birthdays This is a reading challenge associated with the (Mostly) Dead Writers Society on Goodreads; I decided to join it because it is as much an invitation to reconnect with the classics as it is one to walk down literary paths less traveled; so it ties in nicely with my own 2021 reading […]

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Kill Your Darlings

Aaaand … that’s a wrap. My Kill Your Darling Books.   Green Round: Team MbD – Lillelara – TA Round 1 Suspect Own guess / card played: Madeleine L’Engle – wrong – 5 points Correct guess: None Victims Own guess / card played: Katniss Everdeen – 5 points Correct guess: None Crime Scenes Own guess […]

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The Cat’s Whiskers

 Friendly Felines: Past and Present They’ve been my babies since November 2018 (both 15 months old then): Twin brothers / litter mates Sunny (left) and Charlie (right).   He was named Horst at the shelter, but I soon rechristened him Teddy. Alas, we were destined to be together for less than a year (June 2017 […]

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