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I’ve been so infernally busy throughout December (again) that I didn’t even have time to copy over my posts from “the other place” in the final weeks of the year.  I’ll be remedying that as from now, so you may be seeing notifications for a whole bunch of posts in a comparatively short space of time.  (I’ll be copying the posts under their original dates, but because of the way the WordPress notification system works, you’re going to see all the notifications when the posts actually go up here.)  Apologies in advance.  By way of compensation, it’ll all end up with my “2021 in review” post …

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Happy New Year!

Well, it’s past midnight here, so Happy New Year all — here’s to us all, everyone, and to 2022 hopefully doing a better job than its predecessor for all of us!

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For Christmas 2021 …

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It’s beginning to look just a little bit like Christmas …

Another week from hell, and it looks very much like there will be more of the same in store almost all the way through Christmas — looks like the year is intent on finishing in style (in the same style as it’s adopted in the last several months, that is). So, I decided that enough […]

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