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The Detection Club – Lioness at Large

The Detection Club

With my Detection Club Bingo card now blacked out, I’m going to track my reading here.  (Note: for purposes of completeness, this includes books by the below authors already read prior to the creation of this list.)  My priorities are going to be:

Arthur Conan Doyle’s / Sherlock Holmes’s adventures, biographies, contemporaries and rivals, as included in my 221B Baker Street and Beyond reading list


Agatha Christie:
Appointment with Agatha: The Agatha Christie Centenary Celebration

Plays and Romances:
The Stage Plays:
a) The Lie
b) Black Coffee
c) Love from a Stranger
d) And Then There Were None
e) Appointment with Death
f) Murder on the Nile
g) The Hollow
h) The Mousetrap
i) Witness for the Prosecution
j) Spider’s Web
k) Towards Zero
l) Verdict
m) The Unexpected Guest
n) Go Back for Murder
o) Rule of Three: Afternoon at the Sea-side / The Patient / The Rats
p) Fiddlers Three
q) Akhnaton
r) Chimneys

The Broadcast Plays:
a) Behind The Screen
b) The Scoop
c) Wasp’s Nest
d) The Yellow Iris
e) Three Blind Mice
f) Butter in a Lordly Dish
g) Personal Call

The Mary Westmacott Books:
a) Giant’s Bread
b) Unfinished Portrait
c) Absent in the Spring
d) The Rose and the Yew Tree
e) A Daughter’s a Daughter
f) The Burden

— as well as Agatha Christie’s Secret Notebooks and Agatha Christie’s Murder in the Making (both by John Curran), The Grand Tour (edited by Michael Prichard) (√), and Christie’s “archeological memoir” Come, Tell Me How You Live (√) by way of companion reads.

Dorothy L. Sayers:
The Montague Egg stories:
a) Hangman’s Holiday
b) In the Teeth of the Evidence

The Nonfiction:
a) The Mind of the Maker
b) Unpopular Opinions
c) Are Women Human?
d) The Lost Tools of Learning
e) The Wimsey Family: A Fragmentary History (with C.W. Scott-Giles)
f) Taking Detective Stories Seriously: The Collected Crime Reviews (posthumous collection)
g) God, Hitler and Lord Peter Wimsey (posthumous collection)
h) The Letters of Dorothy L. Sayers: 1899-1936: The Making of a Detective Novelist
i) The Letters of Dorothy L. Sayers: 1937–1943, From Novelist to Playwright
j) The Letters of Dorothy L. Sayers: 1944–1950, A Noble Daring
k) The Letters of Dorothy L. Sayers: 1951–1957, In the Midst of Life
l) The Letters of Dorothy L. Sayers: Child and Woman of Her Time

The Plays:
a) Busman’s Honeymoon (with Muriel St. Clare Byrne)
b) The Zeal of Thy House
c) He That Should Come
d) The Devil to Pay
e) Love All (with Marjorie Barber)
f) The Golden Cockerel (radio play)
g) The Man Born to be King
h) The Just Vengeance
i) The Emperor Constantine

Patricia Wentworth
Miss Silver:
1. Grey Mask
2. The Case Is Closed
3. Lonesome Road
4. Danger Point
5. The Chinese Shawl
6. Miss Silver Intervenes (aka Miss Silver Deals With Death)
7. The Clock Strikes Twelve
8. The Key
9. The Traveller Returns (aka She Came Back)
10. Pilgrim’s Rest
11. Latter End
12. Wicked Uncle (aka Spotlight)
13. The Case of William Smith
14. Eternity Ring
15. The Catherine Wheel
16. Miss Silver Comes to Stay
17. The Brading Collection
18. The Ivory Dagger
19. Through the Wall
20. Anna, Where Are You?
21. The Watersplash
22. Ladies’ Bane
23. Out of the Past
24. The Silent Pool
25. Vanishing Point
26. The Benevent Treasure
27. The Gazebo
28. The Listening Eye
29. Poison in the Pen
30. The Fingerprint
31. The Alington Inheritance
32. The Girl in the Cellar

Ernest Lamb & Frank Abbott (non-Miss Silver books):
1. The Blind Side
2. Who Pays the Piper? (aka Account Rendered)
3. Pursuit of a Parcel (also Frank Garrett #5)

Frank Garrett:
1. Danger Calling (also Benbow Smith #2)
2. Walk with Care (also Benbow Smith #3)
3. Dead or Alive
4. Rolling Stone
5. Pursuit of a Parcel (also Lamb & Abbott #3)

Benbow Smith:
1. Fool Errant
1.5 Beggar’s Choice
2. Danger Calling (also Frank Garrett #1)
3. Walk with Care (also Frank Garrett 2)
4. Down Under

Jane Smith / Henry March / “Piggy” LeMesurier:
1. The Astonishing Adventure of Jane Smith
2. The Dower House Mystery

Standalone Mysteries / Romantic Suspense:
a) The Red Lacquer Case
b) The Annam Jewel
c) The Black Cabinet
d) The Amazing Chance
e) Hue and Cry
f) Anna Belinda
g) Will o’ the Wisp
h) The Coldstone
i) Kingdom Lost
j) Nothing Venture
k) Red Danger (aka Red Shadow)
l) Seven Green Stones (aka Outrageous Fortune)
m) Fear by Night
n) Devil in the Dark (aka Touch and Go)
o) Red Stefan
p) Blindfold
q) Hole and Corner
r) Run!
s) Mr. Zero
t) Unlawful Occasions (aka Weekend with Death)
u) Silence in Court
v) The Fire Within

Historical Fiction:
a) The Devil’s Wind
b) A Marriarge under the Terror

Josephine Tey:
Inspector Grant:
1. The Man in the Queue
2. A Shilling for Candles
3. The Franchise Affair
4. To Love and Be Wise
5. The Daughter of Time
6. The Singing Sands

Nonseries Mysteries:
a) Brat Farrar
b) Miss Pym Disposes

Plays (written under the pseudonym Gordon Daviot):
a) Richard of Bordeaux
b) Dickon
c) The Little Dry Thorn
d) Valerius
e) Queen of Scots

Georgette Heyer’s mysteries:
a) Footsteps in the Dark
b) Why Shoot a Butler?
c) The Unfinished Clue
d) Penhallow

Inspector Hannasyde & Sergeant Hemingway:
1. Death in the Stocks
2. Behold, Here’s Poison
3. They Found Him Dead
4. A Blunt Instrument

Inspector Hemingway:
1. No Wind of Blame
2. Envious Casca (aka A Christmas Party)
3. Duplicate Death
4. Detection Unlimited

Gladys Mitchell:
Mrs. Bradley:
1. Speedy Death
2. The Mystery of a Butcher’s Shop
4. The Saltmarsh Murders
5. Death at the Opera
7. Dead Men’s Morris (aka Death Comes at Christmas)
8. Come Away, Death
18. The Rising of the Moon
23. Groaning Spinney (aka Murder in the Snow)
28. Watson’s Choice

(Note to BT: These are the books currently on my TBR based on various recommendations and reviews.  If there are others that I should absolutely be including, by all means let me know!)

Christianna Brand:
Inspector Cockrill:
1. Heads You Lose
2. Green for Danger
3. Suddenly at His Residence
4. Death of Jezebel (also Inspector Charlesworth #3)
5.Fog of Doubt (also Inspector Charlesworth #4)
6. Tour de Force
7. The Three-Cornered Halo
8. The Spotted Cat and Other Mysteries from Inspector Cockrill’s Casebook

Inspector Charlesworth:
1. Death in High Heels
2. The Rose in Darkness
3. Death of Jezebel (also Inspector Cockrill #4)
4. Fog of Doubt (also Inspector Cockrill-#5)

Patricia Highsmith:
Tom Ripley:
a) The Talented Mr. Ripley
b) Ripley Under Ground
c) Ripley’s Game

Nonseries Books:
a) Strangers on a Train
b) Carol (aka The Price of Salt)
c) The Blunderer
d) Deep Water
e) A Game for the Living
f) This Sweet Sickness
g) The Cry of the Owl
h) The Two Faces of January

Plotting and Writing Suspense Fiction

(Note to BT and Lillelara: See my above comments re: Gladys Mitchell — the same applies here.)

E.C.R. Lorac (aka Carol Carnac):
Robert MacDonald:
1. The Murder on the Burrows
6. Murder in St. John’s Wood
7. Murder in Chelsea
8. The Organ Speaks
11. Post After Post-Mortem
12. These Names Make Clues
13. Bats in the Belfry
24. Fell Murder
25. Checkmate to Murder
26. Murder by Matchlight
27. Fire in the Thatch
37. Murder in the Mill-Race
38. Crook o’ Lune

Julian Rivers (writing as Carol Carnac):
1. A Double for Detection
8. Crossed Skis

Unpublished at  Lorac’s death:
1. Two-Way Murder

Ianthe Jerrold:
Inspector John Christmas:
1. The Studio Crime
2. Dead Man’s Quarry

Standalone Mysteries:
a) Let Him Lie
b) There May Be Danger

Mary Kelly:
Inspector Brett Nightingale
1. A Cold Coming
2. Dead Man’s Riddle
3. The Christmas Egg

Hedley Nicholson
1. The Spoilt Kill
2. Due to a Death

Anthony Gilbert (Lucy Beatrice Malleson, aka Anne Meredith):
Arthur Crook:
1. Murder by Experts
9. The Woman in Red

Nonseries Mysteries:
a) Death in Fancy Dress

Writing as Anne Meredith:
a) Portrait of a Murderer

Moray Dalton (Katherine Mary Deville Dalton Renoir):
Inspector Collier:
1. One by One They Disappeared
2. The Night of Fear (also Hermann Glide #2)

Hermann Glide:
1. The Body in the Road
2. The Night of Fear (also Inspector Collier #2)
3. Death in the Cup

Molly Thynne:
Dr. Constantine / Inspector Arkwright:
1. The Crime at the ‘Noah’s Ark’
2. Death in the Dentist’s Chair
3. He Dies and Makes No Sign

Nonseries Mysteries:
a) The Draycott Murder Mystery
b) The Murder on the Eriqueta
c) The Case of Sir Adam Braid

Nicholas Blake (Cecil Day Lewis):
Nigel Strangeways:
1. A Question of Proof
2. Thou Shell of Death
4. The Beast Must Die
7. The Case of the Abominable Snowman
8. Minute for Murder
12. End of Chapter
15. The Sad Variety

— as well as the nonseries mystery The Private Wound.

Julian Symons:
Inspector Bland:
1. The Immaterial Murder Case
2. A Man Called Jones
3. Bland Beginning

Sheridan Haynes:
1. A Three-Pipe Problem

Nonseries Mysteries:
a) The 31st of February
b) The Colour of Murder
c) The Progress of a Crime
d) The Belting Inheritance
e) The Man Who Killed Himself
f) The Man Whose Dreams Came True
g) The Players and the Game
h) The Plot Against Roger Rider
i) The Name of Annabel Lee
j) Death’s Darkest Face

a) The Great Detectives: Seven Original Investigations
b) Bloody Murder: From the Detective Story to the Crime Novel
c) The Tell-Tale Heart: The Life and Works of Edgar Allen Poe

John Dickson Carr (aka Carter Dickson):
Dr. Gideon Fell:
1. Hag’s Nook
2. The Mad Hatter Mystery
4. The Blind Barber
5. Death-Watch

6. The Hollow Man (aka The Three Coffins)
8. The Crooked Hinge
9. To Wake the Dead
13. The Case of the Constant Suicides
14. The Seat of the Scornful
15. Till Death Do Us Part
xx Dr. Fell, Detective, and Other Stories

Henri Bencolin:
1. It Walks by Night
2. The Lost Gallows
3. Castle Skull
4. The Corpse in the Waxworks

Sir Henry Merrivale (wrting as Carter Dickson):
1. The Plague Court Murders
2. The White Priory Murders
3. The Red Widow Murders
8. The Judas Window
9. The Reader Is Warned
14. She Died a Lady
20. Night at the Mocking Widow

Nonseries Mysteries:
a) The Murder of Sir Edmund Godfrey
b) The Burning Court
c) The Hungry Goblin
d) The Door to Doom and Other Detections

John Dickson Carr & Val Gielgud: 13 to the Gallows
John Dickson Carr & John Rhode: Drop to His Death

J. Jefferson Farjeon:
a) The House Opposite
b) The Z Murders
c) Thirteen Guests
d) Mystery in White
e) Seven Dead

Cyril Hare:
Inspector Mallett:
1. Tenant for Death
2. Death Is No Sportsman
3. Suicide Excepted
4.Tragedy at Law (also Francis Pettigrew #1)
5. With a Bare Bodkin (also Francis Pettigrew #2)

Francis Pettigrew:
1. Tragedy at Law (also Inspector Mallett #4)
2. With a Bare Bodkin (also Inspector Mallett #5)
3. When the Wind Blows (aka The Wind Blows Death)
4. That Yew Tree’s Shade (aka Death Walks the Woods)
5. He Should Have Died Hereafter (aka Untimely Death)

Nonseries Mystey:
An English Murder

Anthony Berkeley:
Roger Sheringham:
1. The Layton Court Mystery
2. The Wychford Poisoning Case
4. The Silk Stocking Murders
5. The Poisoned Chocolate Case
6. The Second Shot
7. Top Storey Murder
8. Murder in the Basement
9. Jumping Jenny
10. Panic Party
11. The Avenging Chance and Other Mysteries from Roger Sheringham

Ambrose Chitterwick:
1. The Piccadilly Murder
2. Trial and Error

Nonseries Mystery:
The Wintringham Mystery

Writing as Francis Iles:
a) Before the Fact
b) Malice Aforethought

Edmund Crispin:
Gervase Fen:
1. The Case of the Gilded Fly
2. Holy Disorders
3. The Moving Toyshop
4. Swan Song
5. Love Lies Bleeding
6. Buried for Pleasure
10. Glimpses of the Moon

Raymond Postgate:
a) Verdict of Twelve
b) Somebody at the Door
c) The Ledger Is Kept


E.R. Punshon:
Bobby Owen:
1. Information Received
3. Crossword Mystery
5. Death of a Beauty Queen
6. Death Comes to Cambers
10. Dictator’s Way
11. Comes a Stranger
16. Ten Star Clues
17. Diabolic Candelabra

Philip MacDonald:
Colonel Gethryn:
1. The Rasp
4. The Noose
6. The Maze
8. The Crime Conductor
11. The Nursemaid Who Disappeared (aka Warrant for X)
12. The List of Adrian Messenger

Nonseries Mysteries:
a) Murder Gone Mad
b) X v. Rex

Anthony Wynne:
Dr. Hailey:
1. The Mystery of the Evil Eye
2. The Double Thirteen Mystery
3. The Mystery of the Ashes
6. The Red Scar
8. The Fourth Finger
11. The Yellow Crystal
12. Murder of a Lady
19. Death of a Banker
20. The Red Lady
23. Death of a King (aka Murder Calls Dr. Hailey)
28. Death of a Shadow

Michael Gilbert:
Henry Bohun:
1. Smallbone Deceased (also Inspector Hazelrigg #4)
2. Stay of Execution (short stories)

Inspector Hazelrigg:
1. Close Quarters
4. Smallbone Deceased (also Henry Bohun #1)
5. Death Has Deep Roots

Nonseries Mysteries:
a) Death in Captivity
b) Flash Point
c) The Queen Against Karl Mullen

Freeman Wills Crofts:
Inspector French:
1. Inspector French’s Greatest Case
5. The Box Office Murders
6. Sir John Magill’s Last Journey
7. Mystery in the Channel
10. The Hog’s Back Mystery
11. The 12:30 from Croydon
12. Mystery on Southhampton Water
17. Antidote to Venom
18. The End of Andrew Harrison
19. Fatal Venture

Nonseries Mysteries:
a) The Cask
b) The Ponson Case
c) The Pit-Prop Syndicate
d) The Groote Park Murder

Brian Flynn:
Anthony Bathurst:
1. The Billiard-Room Mystery
2. The Case of the Black Twenty-Two
3. The Mystery of the Peacock’s Eye
4. The Murders Near Mapleton
5. The Five Red Fingers

The Detection Club Round Robins:
a) The Floating Admiral
b) The Sinking Admiral
c) The Scoop / Behind the Screen
d) Ask a Policeman
e) Baker Street Studies
f) Anatomy of Murder
g) Six Against the Yard
h) Detection Medley
i) Double Death
j) Where Do We Go From Here? (radio play)
k) No Flowers by Request
l) Verdict of 13

The British Library Crime Classics short story anthologies, edited by Martin Edwards:
1. Capital Crimes: London Mysteries
2. Resorting to Murder: Holiday Mysteries
3. Murder at the Manor: Country House Mysteries
4. Serpents in Eden: Countryside Crimes
5. Miraculous Mysteries: Locked-Room Murders and Impossible Crimes
6. Continental Crimes
7. Foreign Bodies
8. The Long Arm of the Law: Classic Police Stories
9. Blood on the Tracks: Railway Mysteries
10. Deep Waters: Mysteries on the Waves
11. The Measure of Malice: Scientific Detective Stories
12. Settling Scores: Sporting Mysteries
13. Guilty Creatures: A Menagerie of Mysteries
14. Murder by the Book: Mysteries for Bibliophiles
15. The Edinburgh Mystery and Other Tales of Scottish Crime
16. Final Acts: Theatrical Mysteries

The Christmas Anthologies:
1. Silent Nights: Christmas Mysteries
2. Crimson Snow: Winter Mysteries
3. The Christmas Card Crime and Other Stories
4. A Surprise for Christmas: and Other Seasonal Mysteries

The “100 books” from Martin Edwards’s list in The Story of Classic Crime in 100 Books (in alphabetical order and to the extent not already listed above or in the reading lists linked in this post):

H.C. Bailey: Mr. Fortune, Please (Reggie Fortune #4)
C.E. Bechhofer Roberts: A.B.C. Solves Five
Francis Beeding: Death Walks in Eastrepps
E.F. Benson: The Blotting Book
E.C. Bentley: Trent’s Last Case
Godfrey R. Benson: Tracks in the Snow
Jorge Luis Borges: Six Problems for Don Isidro Parodi
Douglas G. Browne: What Beckoning Ghost?
Leo Bruce: Case for Three Detectives (Sergeant Beef #1)
John Bude: The Sussex Downs Murder (Superintendent Meredith #2)
Christopher Bush: The Perfect Murder Case (Ludovic Travers #2)
Joanna Cannan: No Walls of Jasper
Bernard Capes: The Mystery of the Skeleton Key
G.D.H. & Margaret Cole: End of an Ancient Mariner
J.J. Connington: Mystery at Lynden Sands (Sir Clinton Driffield #3)
Freeman Wills Crofts: The Cask
Francis Durbridge: Send for Paul Temple (Paul Temple #1)
Sebastian Farr: Death on the Down Beat
C.S. Forester: Payment Deferred
Val Gielgud: Death at Broadcasting House
Michael Gilbert: Smallbone Deceased (Inspector Hazelrigg #4 / Henry Bohun #1)
Lord R. Gorell: In the Night
Bruce Hamilton: Middle Class Murder
A.P. Herbert: The House by the River
James Hilton: Murder at School (aka Was It Murder?) (originally published as by Glen Trevor)
Roy Horniman: Israel Rank
Richard Hull: My Own Murderer
Michael Innes: Death at the President’s Lodging (Sir John Appleby #1)
Romilly & Katherine John: Death by Request
Milward Kennedy: Death to the Rescue
C. Daly King: The Curious Mr. Tarrant
C.H.B. Kitchin: Birthday Party
Ronald Knox: The Body in the Silo (Miles Bredon #3)
George Limnelius: The Medbury Fort Murder
A.E.W. Mason: At the Villa Rose (Inspector Hanaud #1)
Q. Patrick: Murder at Cambridge
Rupert Penny: She Had to Have Gas (Chief Inspector Beale #6)
Eden Phillpotts: The Red Redmaynes
Ellery Queen: Calamity Town (Ellery Queen Detective #16)
John Rhode: Hendon’s First Case (Dr. Priestley #20)
Joel Townsley Rogers: The Red Right Hand
Helen Simpson: Vantage Striker
Shelley Smith: Background for Murder (Jacob Chaos #1)
C.P. Snow: Death Under Sail
Stanislas-André Steeman: Six hommes morts (Six Dead Men)
F. Tennyson Jesse: A Pin to See the Peepshow
Roy Vickers: The Department of Dead Ends
Henry Wade: The Duke of York’s Steps (Inspector Poole #2)
Edgar Wallace: The Four Just Men (The Four Just Men #1)
Hugh Walpole: The Killer and the Slain
T.H. White: Darkness at Pemberley
Victor L. Whitechurch: The Crime at Diana’s Pool
R.C. Woodthorpe: Silence of a Purple Shirt (aka Death Wears a Purple Shirt)

The British Library Crime Classics rereleases (in alphabetical order by author and to the extent not already listed above or in the reading lists linked in this post):

Charles Warren Adams: The Notting Hill Mystery
Lois Austen-Leigh: The Incredible Crime
Josephine Bell: The Port of London Murders
George Bellairs: The Body in the Dumb River
George Bellairs: The Dead Shall be Raised and Murder of a Quack
George Bellairs: Death of a Busybody
George Bellairs: Surfeit of Suspects
Marie Belloc Lowndes: The Chianti Flask
Margot Bennett: The Man Who Didn’t Fly
Margot Bennett: The Widow of Bath
John G. Brandon: A Scream in Soho
John Bude: The Cheltenham Square Murder
John Bude: The Cornish Coast Murder
John Bude: Death in White Pyjamas & Death Knows No Calendar
John Bude: Death Makes a Prophet
John Bude: Death on the Riviera
John Bude: The Lake District Murder
Miles Burton: Death in the Tunnel
Miles Burton: The Secret of High Eldersham
Bernard J. Farmer: Death of a Bookseller
Andrew Forrester: The Female Detective
Leonard Gribble: The Arsenal Stadium Mystery
W.F. Harvey: The Mysterious Mr. Badman
Mavis Doriel Hay: Death on the Cherwell
Mavis Doriel Hay: Murder Underground
Mavis Doriel Hay: The Santa Klaus Murder
Richard Hull: Excellent Intentions
Richard Hull: The Murder of My Aunt
Charles Kingston: Murder in Piccadilly
Rupert Latimer: Murder After Christmas
Nap Lombard: Murder’s a Swine
Alan Melville: Death of Anton
Alan Melville: Quick Curtain
Alan Melville: Weekend at Thrackley
Leonard Merrick: Mr Bazalgette’s Agent
Gil North: Sergeant Cluff Stands Firm (Sergeant Cluff #1)
Gil North: The Methods of Sergeant Cluff (Sergeant Cluff #2)
Anthony Rolls: Family Matters
Anthony Rolls: Scarweather
John Rowland: Calamity in Kent
John Rowland: Murder in the Museum
Peter Shaffer: The Woman in the Wardrobe
Christopher St. John Sprigg: Death of an Airman
Ellen Wilkinson: The Division Bell Mystery

… as well as the re-releases in the ongoing Collins Crime Club, Dean Street Press, and Penzler American Mystery Classics series.

The books that started it all:
Martin Edwards – The Golden Age of Murder
Martin Edwards – The Story of Classic Crime in 100 Books

The Detection Club Reading Lists:
The Story of Classic Crime in 100 Books: The “100 Books” Presented
The Story of Classic Crime in 100 Books: Other Books Mentioned, Chapters 1-5
The Story of Classic Crime in 100 Books: Other Books Mentioned, Chapters 6 & 7
The Story of Classic Crime in 100 Books: Other Books Mentioned, Chapters 8-10
The Story of Classic Crime in 100 Books: Other Books Mentioned, Chapters 11-15
The Story of Classic Crime in 100 Books: Other Books Mentioned, Chapters 16-20
The story of Classic Crime in 100 Books: Other Books Mentioned, Chapters 21-24
The Story of Classic Crime in 100 Books & The Golden Age of Murder: List of all books


Other Project Pages and Related Blog Posts:
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