The Chronicles of Brother Cadfael

The Novels

The Prequel: A Rare Benedictine: The Advent of Brother Cadfael (published in September 1988, set in 1120)
The first Chronicle: A Morbid Taste for Bones (published in August 1977, set in 1137)
The second Chronicle: One Corpse Too Many (published in July 1979, set in August 1138)
The third Chronicle: Monk’s Hood (published in August 1980, set in December 1138)
The fourth Chronicle: Saint Peter’s Fair (published in May 1981, set in July 1139)
The fifth Chronicle: The Leper of Saint Giles (published in August 1981, set in October 1139)
The sixth Chronicle: The Virgin in the Ice (published in April 1982, set in November 1139)
The seventh Chronicle: The Sanctuary Sparrow (published in January 1983, set in the Spring of 1140)
The eighth Chronicle: The Devil’s Novice (published in August 1983, set in September 1140)
The ninth Chronicle: Dead Man’s Ransom (published in April 1984, set in February 1141)
The tenth Chronicle: The Pilgrim of Hate (published in September 1984, set in May 1141)
The eleventh Chronicle: An Excellent Mystery (published in June 1985, set in August 1141)
The twelfth Chronicle: The Raven in the Foregate (published in February 1986, set in December 1141)
The thirteenth Chronicle: The Rose Rent (published in October 1986, set in June 1142)
The fourteenth Chronicle: The Hermit of Eyton Forest (published in June 1987, set in October 1142)
The fifteenth Chronicle: The Confession of Brother Haluin (published in March 1988, set in December 1142)
The sixteenth Chronicle: The Heretic’s Apprentice (published in February 1989, set in June 1143)
The seventeenth Chronicle: The Potter’s Field (published in September 1989, set in August 1143)
The eighteenth Chronicle: The Summer of the Danes (published in April 1991, set in April 1144)
The nineteenth Chronicle: The Holy Thief (published in August 1992, set in February 1145)
The twentieth Chronicle: Brother Cadfael’s Penance (published in May 1994, set in November 1145)

 Derek Jacobi & Sean Pertwee as Cadfael & Hugh Beringar

The Screen Adaptation


  Derek Jacobi & Sean Pertwee (Cadfael & Hugh Beringar):

 Derek Jacobi & Sean Pertwee as Brother Cadfael & Hugh Beringar  :





Cadfael’s Character

Blog Post: Brother Cadfael: An Ideal Teacher

Cadfael Country

Companion Literature: Robin Whiteman & Rob Talbot: Brother Cadfael’s Herb Garden & Cadfael Country / Robin Whiteman: The Cadfael Companion / Ellis Peters: Strongholds and Sanctuaries

Shrewsbury: Abbey of St. Peter and St. Paul, and abbey foregate

Shrewsbury: the castle (left) and the battlefield of the 1403 battle between the Plantagenets (Henry IV (Bolingbroke) and Prince Harry, King Henry V-to-be) and the rebels led by Henry “Hotspur” Percy — 3 1/2 centuries after the setting of the Cadfael series, but novelized by Ellis Peters under her real name Edith Pargeter as well (A Bloody Field by Shrewsbury) … in addition, of course, to the play by William Shakespeare.


“I am Hugh Beringar of Maesbury, (Under-)Sheriff of Shropshire …”

Left: the tiny church of Maesbury; right: St. Eata’s church at Atcham, another village close to Shrewsbury repeatedly mentioned in the Cadfael novels (typically as a way station on trips out of town, following the River Severn going east).

Oswestry: Castle Hill and St. Oswald’s church

The Welsh mountains at / near the ruins of Valle Crucis Abbey (dissolved in 1537) — and yes, Gwytherin is still on the agenda as well.  (All above location photos mine.)


Key locations and dates of the “Anarchy” (the first English Civil War), which forms the background of the Cadfael series.



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