My Wassail Bowl and Favorite Spicy Drink

24 Festive Tasks: Door 13 – Advent, Task 3;
and Door 24 – Epiphany, Task 4:

The tradition of carol singing in the Advent / holiday season is linked to the old Anglo-Saxon (and medieval) custom of wassailing (  Prepare an apple cider wassail bowl or a wassail bowl containing your favorite drink or fruit.  Post a picture and enjoy!


Prepare your favorite spicy dish or holiday drink containing spices and share a photo.  Also sharing the recipe is optional but welcome!


Nothing like a bowl of chai latte with freshly ground spices on a winter day …

… chased by a banana, cherry and chocolate smoothie in a matching festive cup (closest thing I have to what just might pass for a wassail bowl) — admittedly store bought, but seriously, can you resist this sort of label?


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