Mexican Food

24 Festive Tasks: Door 1 – Día de los Muertos, Task 4:

If you like Mexican food, treat yourself to your favorite dish and share a photo of it.


Mini beef tortillas with potato wedges, sour cream, and a dip that’s half salsa and half guacamole.

Ordered in, not my own creation … I couldn’t be bothered to cook, having had to go into Cologne because my iphone was on strike and Apple STILL doesn’t have location in Bonn where there are actually technicians as well, which pretty much killed my entire afternoon.  (Stopping by IKEA on the way home for another bookshelf, for the “leftovers” I hadn’t been able to give a home in the big shelf makeover the other week, was child’s play in comparison.)

I hadn’t been planning on any dessert, but after Wanda’s mouthwatering “Orange Gingerbread” post decided to treat myself to some of these, in the spirit of the Mexican theme:


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