“Lockdown”? — Tell me again Germans are supposed to be law-abiding as a rule …

I went for a short walk earlier this afternoon (alone, of course) — the kind of thing we’re still allowed to do to maintain a modicum of exercise and intake of fresh air.

This is what our street looked like — and what it, and all the streets in our neighborhood have been looking like ever since the lockdown was put into place:

So far, so good.

Then I got to the park / promenade on the banks of the Rhine, some 2 streets (and only a few 100 metres) away.  It’s a popular spot year-round — in fact, it’s one of Bonn’s major parks, covering a large area on both sides of the Rhine — and I knew others would be drawn there, too; given today’s extraordinarily fine weather, it wouldn’t have been realistic to expect it to be completely empty.

But I certainly wasn’t prepared for this:

And not a cop in sight.

I sure hope they’ll do a better job enforcing the lockdown over Easter — when we’re supposed to have equally fine weather here.


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  1. I also live in Germany and I observed the same situation in my town. It seems people are all rediscovering walks. Last time I took my little children to the forest for a short walk, I was surprised at how crowded the forest was.

  2. Unfortunately in any big town it will appear crowded when more than one person at a time make use of their right to exercise. Where people co-habitat they can take walks or bicycle rides together. They were out just like you. I don’t understand why your walk is different to theirs? These activities are important for keeping mental health. If the lockdown continues for 6 weeks or more people will go stir crazy.

    1. Many of them were out not alone or merely with their immediate family — rather, there were groups of (particularly) bike riders easily 5 or 10 people strong or even more. Others were sitting on benches close to each other in total disregard of the mandatory 1.5 – 2 metres minimum distance. (Some of them, again, were probably couples or families, but by far not all of them) Taken all together, they formed a crowd. ALL of this is currently prohiibted, and for good reason. In other places up and down the country, people got fined for this sort of thing literally by the 1000s yesterday, and rightly so. I have no doubt that if the police had bothered to show up in this particular park, fines and prohibitions would have been handed out as well.

      I’m a dyed-in-the-wool liberal, and definitely not in favor of over-regulating private life. I applaud the fact that in my own state (North Rhine Westphalia), the parliamentary opposition is not taking lying down the state government’s attempts to legislate itself into “emergency” powers far greater than even those of parliament — and without any kind of expiration date at all — but has got up on its hind legs, denied consent to that draft law, and called in experts from the professions and other groups most affected (who have since, unsurprisingly, voiced their oppositions as well). But the temporary social distancing rules have been put into place for sound medical reasons, on the advice of national and international specialists in immunology and (inter alia) the WHO, and they’re for the protection of us all. To openly flaunt them is not only potentially suicidal (contrary to a widespread opinion, even for young people), but puts *everybody* at risk. I have absolutely no sympathy for that kind of behavior.

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