Last, But Not Least, the 4 Corners of the Board

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Every time you pass go (unless you are going to jail, of course), you collect $5.00 for your bank!

The jail square:

If you are just visiting: read enough pages to donate $3.00 to the bail fund.

If you are in jail:

Roll the dice to determine your bail, between $2.00 and $12.00. Check the bail fund to see if there is enough money there to bail you out. If not, make up the difference with your bank. If your bank doesn’t have enough money to bail you out, read your way out of jail.

Roll 2 dice.

A 2 or a 3, sends you to the robot;
4, 5, or 6, go to the race car;
7,8 or 9, go to the Scottie dog;
10, 11, or 12 takes you to the cat

Do not pass go. 


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