Halloween Bingo 2019: Tracking Post


The Books:

International Woman of Mystery:
Locked Room Mystery:
Murder Most Foul:
Read by Flashlight or Candle Light:

Fear the Drowning Deep:
Relics and Curiosities:
Dark Academia: James Hilton: Was It Murder?
Modern Noir:

Ghost Stories:
Free Space:
Truly Terrifying:
Amateur Sleuth:

Diverse Voices:
Black Cat:
Creepy Crawlies:
Country House Mystery:

A Grimm Tale:
Creepy Carnivals:
Paint It Black:
Cozy Mysteries:


My Square Markers


Called but not read


Read but not called


Read and Called


Center Square: Read = Called


My Spreadsheet:


My Transfiguration Spells

Spell #1:
Spell #2:
Spell #3:


My “Virgin” Bingo Card:

Posted for ease of tracking and comparison.



Original post:

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