Glingelingelingeling … Discworld Group Read Alert!

Two days late admittedly and thanks to Elentarri for reminding me — anyway, here’s your reminder that the Discworld group read of The Light Fantastic started on December 1!

Will Rincewind come back from the edge?  Will Twoflower disappear in space?  Where will The Luggage go next?  Please join us to find out!

As a bonus for those who are participating in the 24 Festive Tasks, this book would obviously qualify for the “Hogswatch” square (in the event you’re not planning to (re)read Hogfather anyway) — as well as a number of other squares, including:

  • Día de los Muertos (book by a deceased author)
  • Diwali (book with the word “light” in the title)
  • depending on your edition, Mawlid and Kwanzaa (book with a green cover)
  • Hanukkah (second book in a series) and
  • Festivus (comedy / parody / satire)

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