For Christmas 2021 …

8 thoughts on “For Christmas 2021 …

    1. And the same to you! Thank you for your friendship in 2021 — I‘m sorry for more or less vanishing during the second half of the year; life just took one crazy turn after another. Here‘s hoping 2022 will be a bit more measured …

      In the interim, I hope you, too, will have a wonderful holiday week, with all that it‘s meant to bring — joy, comfort, candlelight, rest, peace … and, yes, definitely books!

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I’ve been so infernally busy throughout December (again) that I didn’t even have time to copy over my posts from “the other place” in the final weeks of the year.  I’ll be remedying that as from now, so you may be seeing notifications for a whole bunch of posts in a comparatively short space of […]

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Happy New Year!

Well, it’s past midnight here, so Happy New Year all — here’s to us all, everyone, and to 2022 hopefully doing a better job than its predecessor for all of us!

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Festive Tasks Master Update Post HERE Task 1: What’s your favorite symbol of peace? The dove and the olive branch.   Task 2: Have you got a spot, or a place, where you feel most at peace? Tell us about it (we promise, we won’t crash your paradise). These days, my apartment. I’ve had various […]

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